Adventure of Life
About the Mother and Child Figures by Annette Zappe

figürliche Bronze-Skulpturen von Annette Zappe aus Kempten im Allgäu

Mother and child – in the history of European Art, this subject was strongly influenced by the illustration of Mary and her baby Jesus. Early pictures often show a resplendently dressed woman who presents the son of God on her lap. She holds a little person at arm’s length who resembles an adult much more than a child.
Only from the beginning of the Renaissance is their relationship shown as a close, personal, devoted and very intimate one. Nestled up to his mother’s arm he seems preoccupied in his mother’s care –  even though his destiny, his end, his sacrifice are always present – as the portrait is always in the service of religion.
Annette is aware of this historic, this religious dimension. She addresses a big topic and faces up to it. Her delicate bronze sculptures stretch up gracefully and assert themselves. In doing so they seem natural, without any pathos, without sentimentality or cliché.  They rest within themselves, they create energy through an aura that surrounds them and that has its source of strength in the moment itself. Mother and child united, closely entwined, holding each other.
“Two-ones” – one as two and two as one. It is the total surrender, the absolute devotion, the complete commitment and security that determines this bound. Being together and yet alone. Having arrived and yet also at the beginning of something new.  Feeling safe and at the same time uncertain.
Of course Annette’s figurines don’t promise the world’s salvation but they are meant as a testimony to life being an adventure in itself.

Dr. Annette Schmid